Sports Enquiry Form
It is important to keep fit during these times as it helps boosts immunity. While we wait for the Government to allow sports centers to re-open, we have started online fitness sessions for all. These will be conducted by our coaches for 30 mins from Monday to Saturday at 5 pm starting from 22nd June. All are welcome to attend these sessions.

The fitness session will be followed by a lesson in individual sport skills in the next thirty minutes (5:30 pm - 6:00 pm). The Badminton students to attend sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while the Basketball sessions will be conducted on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

These classes are absolutely free and any coaching subscription you have will resume only after we re-open.

To attend online classes there are some minimum requirements:

✓ Laptop, Desktop or Mobile
✓ Descent internet connection
✓ Install Zoom on the system or the zoom app in advance
✓ Wear a sports dress and shoes
✓ Suggested equipment for fitness - Water bottle and Yoga mat
✓ Suggested equipment for sports skills– Racket & shuttle for Badminton and Basketball for Basketball

Instruction to Participants:

• Participants are requested to join the session 10 mins before.
• Once you join the session you are requested to keep the mic in mute.
• Parents are requested to advise the child to follow the coach’s instructions during the class.
• There will Q&A session in the last 5 mins where the participants can ask their doubts through chatbox for sports sessions.

In case of further doubts, please email any questions to