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The history of swimming goes route back to that of ancient times. Books composed from 2000 to 1500 BC including the Bible have references to swimming. It was frequently used in these times as a way of cleansing. Any form of competitive swimming wasn’t formed until the 1800’s in Europe. It was included in the first Olympics in 1896 in Athens, Greece.

Today Swimming is a worldwide and popular sport, which invites participation at any level. Some enjoy the sports for fitness; some for recreation purpose while others to compete. Sport has always been the great appeal that anyone can swim. They began to formulate new swimming styles including the Free Style, Back Stroke, Breast Stroke and Butterfly.

Swimming has gained much popularity in India both as a sporting event as well as a general activity. The India Records in Swimming are the fastest times ever swim by a swimmer representing India. These records are maintained by SFI (Swimming Federation of India).

Benefits of Swimming:

  • Swimming improves the blood circulation in the body and a great workout for overall body
  • It is a form of low impact aerobic activity and increases strength and cardiovascular components
  • Other than being an effective workout, it is also a great medium to relax and rejuvenate
  • Many people swim regularly to maintain their weight and improve body contours
  • Training covers Balance, Speed, agility and quickness development
  • Swimming enhances metabolism and offers relief from fatigue and monotony associated with routine life

Learn Swimming

Swimming is all about “pull, breathe, kick, and glide.”

  • Float with face in the water, keeping body horizontal and straight. Stack hands; keep the arms and legs long
  • Point the thumbs down. Press hands out, back in a circle and elbows high. Lift the head slightly and inhale
  • Keep elbows close to the body. Simultaneously bend the knees, bringing feet toward the butt and pointing the feet outward
  • Keep legs behind by maintaining a horizontal body position, minimize resistance and try to swim faster
  • Kick out and back in a circle then snap the feet together. Drop the head underwater and exhale
  • Glide forward and repeat 

Swimming at Gamepoint

Swimming is available in the following at the Uppal branch of Gamepoint. Gamepoint academy conducts high-quality professional coaching for both children and adults. Quarterly and monthly memberships are available for regular swimmers. Others can book the slot on the Netplay Sports app and swim at their convenience.

Swimming is available in the following locations