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The Game of Squash was invented in Harrow school, UK in the 1830s. It was discovered by the pupils there, that a punctured racketball “squashed” on impact with the wall. All the sports have their alluring histories, but Squash has to be towards the best when it comes to sports with unique beginnings.

Squash appeared in a tremendous variety of guises in countries around the world. Asia was one of the first places to get courts. Its fast-paced exhilarating nature made it recognized as the number one healthiest sport to take up today by Forbes Magazine. A talented bunch of players Saurav Ghosal, Joshna Chinappa, Ritwik Bhattacharya, Mahesh Mangaonkar, and Utkarsh Baheti have emerged to make India a formidable force in Squash at the international podium.

The popularity of the game has grown tremendously and a huge number of people wish to play it for workout and competitive reasons. Squash is considered among the best sporting activities which can be played at any age and is easy to learn. It's an intense, high-speed game that not only can help on fitness aspects, but also tone up fast!

The SRFI (Squash Rackets Federation of India) is the Indian governmental apex body for the squash sport. It conducts the National Squash Championship and promotes the overall prominence of the sport in the country. And it selects the squad for the squash Indian team along with the training facilities.
The Fitness Benefits of Playing Squash:
The sport is uniquely modern: you get the best workout in the quickest amount of time. Playing squash has many positive fitness & health benefits. Here are some of the key benefits of squash sport:
  • Improves aerobic fitness, by supplying more oxygen around the body to better muscular endurance
  • Improves hand-eye coordination with the concentration required for serving
  • Advances sprint speed and flexibility, due to the fast-paced nature of squash
  • Boosts player's cardiovascular(the heart and lungs) fitness
  • Burns off calories with energy being supplied to the muscles and avoids forming fat
  • Develops the power and strength of muscles, notably arm and leg muscles
  • Furthers mental strength and concentration, with matches often lasting for a certain time
How the Game is played?

A player must hit the squash ball against the court until the other player defends. At any moment you bounce the ball, you earn a point. But that's not all. The squash ball can hop/turn over on the enclosing wall, but it needs to rebound counter the wall in front of you to get a point. A complete squash game has 5 sets with eleven points each. Also, a one-match can last for about 40 minutes to one hour. Now that's some extensive cardio exercise.
When playing squash sport or any furthest sport, it is normal to initiate the sport to bring in your best. And the best way to advance your game is to practice. To become a professional squash player, you can commence by joining squash coaching/training.

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