Sports Enquiry Form

Play Safe at Gamepoint

Gamepoint has taken several measures for the safety of the guests in the current circumstances. All guests are requested to cooperate with the staff in the implementation of the measures.

1. Frequent sanitisation of the premises

All frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, table tops, seats and taps in washrooms will be sanitised with a disinfectant frequently. The entire premises will be cleaned on a regular basis. This will ensure that Gamepoint premises is safe place for guests.

Sanitiser stations are setup at the entry and at multiple locations in the premises for the use of customers.

2. Thermal Screening at Entry

All staff and guests entering Gamepoint premises will be screened for temperature and other symptoms of Covid 19. Those who have a temperature greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit or have other symptoms will not be allowed to enter the premises. All guests need to wear a mask at the time of entering the premises.

All guests are requested to cooperate with the staff as the screening process will require them to stand in the queue at designated spots and wait for their turn to enter the premises.

3. Trained and sensitized staff members

All Gamepoint staff will wear masks or face shields while interacting with the guests. The staff are trained to follow no touch policy with each other and the guests.

Gamepoint staff will ensure that all the premises are regularly sanitised and all guests follow the guidelines.

4. Limited people in the premises

Several measures are being taken to ensure only limited people are in the premises at any points of time. Only players will be allowed to be present the premises. For coaching participants, only one parent or guardian is allowed and even they are requested to wait in the vehicle if possible.

Seats in the lounge and playing areas are marked with a cross where guests cannot sit. This step is to ensure physical distance between players.

All guests are requested to download the Arogya Sethu App and come in sports wear and avoid using changing rooms unless absolutely necessary.

5. Minimal touch points

The main door and the entrance doors to sports areas will be kept open so that staff and guests do not need to touch the handles unnecessarily.

The enquiry and registration form will be filled by Gamepoint staff as per the information provided by the guests. All guests are requested to make payments through digital means such as payment on the App, payment links sent by email or UPI / PayTM.

All guests are requested to get their own bottles and fill themselves at the drinking water unit.

We encourage all players to get their own sports equipment or buy equipment at the store if needed to avoid sharing of equipment. But for those who opt for lease equipment, the equipment will be sanitised after each use.

6. Coaching curriculum modified to ensure physical distance

The coaches have modified the curriculum to ensure that there will be physical distance between players during the warm up and training sessions. All coaching participants are advised to not share equipment with other players.