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While there are many sports coaching options for older kids, younger ones (6 years and below) are not ready for professional coaching yet as their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, etc are not fully developed yet. However, they need physical activity too.

Kiddies program has been developed with this need in mind. Kiddies is a structured program conducted by experts introducing young children to sports such as Football, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Rugby, Table Tennis, Archery, tennis, and Athletics. Apart from the sports, a lot of fun games are conducted which engages the children while keeping physical development as the focus.

The Physical Benefits of Kiddies program
• Flexibility
• Balancing Skills
• Hand and Eye Coordination
• Lower and Upper Body Strength

Kiddies program improves Personal Skills like
• Focus
• Discipline
• Team Spirit
• Self Confidence

The minimum age children can be enrolled into the program is 3 years and maximum is 6 years.
Kiddies program is conducted at 100 FEET and Uppal branches of Gamepoint.

Kiddies is available in the following locations


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