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Top 5 Recreational Sports to Play During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global disaster on a magnitude never seen before in contemporary history. The new variant of Corona - Omicron virus has already infected millions of individuals around the world, resulting in additional deaths in the first half of 2022. Despite the effective antiviral medication and a vaccine the need of hand hygiene and physical separation measures to reduce disease transmission has been proven and constantly stressed.

Geographic limits on outdoor exercise and the necessity to stay at home have resulted in decreased physical activity and increased sedentary behavior on an individual level. All forms of organized sport have been canceled or postponed within the athletic community. As the pandemic progresses, questions about exercise safety, resumption of athletic participation, and how to handle infected athletes remain. In this article, we have discussed a few recreational sports you can try during COVID.


Tennis/ Badminton is the best option if you want to play sports while following social distance because you and your opponent are on opposite sides of the court. Even if you're playing doubles, there's plenty of room between you and your partner. You can huff and puff without worrying about your drips hitting anyone as you chase that ball or shuttlecock. Knock yourself out, but make sure you're playing on a court with solid safety protocols.


Cycling is one of the most effective aerobic exercises available. It's also fairly enjoyable because you get to travel while getting some exercise. Make your itinerary and set a cycle date with your best friends. Choose a location where you'll be able to experience stunning scenery. When you stop to rest, avoid huddling. You may still admire each other's gear and exchange humorous stories on the road while you stay apart.


Do you want to go on a water adventure? Why not go kayaking with your pals? You can either enjoy a quiet rowing session or compete with your buddies in a thrilling race. However, each kayak should only have one person in order to maintain adequate social distance on the water. You deserve to relax and have fun in the pool with your pals after a hectic few months! Ensure that everyone learns how to swim and that life jackets are worn at all times.


If you've never tried golf before, this is a great time to do so. It's the ideal sport to play with your pals while socially isolating yourself because you might be meters apart. You can borrow golf equipment from your father or a family member (provided that you clean it first, of course). Gather your mates and head out to the holes. You might just find a new sport that you enjoy.

Getting fit is more fun with friends

Regardless of health and safety precautions, going out these days is still a danger. If you're keen to reunite with your squad but don't want to risk it, there are home fitness routines you can do with them via video call. With those no-equipment workouts, you can kill two birds with one stone. You can be active while maintaining friendships that are as strong as your hamstrings.

If you want to avoid physical activities at least until the epidemic is over, there are many social distancing activities you can do with your pals that won't make you sweat like crazy. In the meanwhile, consider e-sports as an alternative to gym equipment.

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