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Learn and Improve Table tennis with Gamepoint India

Everyone wants to get better in table tennis, but where should we concentrate our efforts to do so? Here, we'll go through our top ten recommendations and the elements that are crucial to creating a strong foundation for your table tennis coaching.

Understand what table tennis is.

Before going on to the more thrilling quick shots, it's important to practice the fundamentals and establish strong foundations. Before you have mastered the fundamentals of driving stroke technique, don't rush into playing rapid and aggressive topspin shots. Doing so will impede your progress and frequently make you less consistent.

Feel the ball

During your table tennis coaching, players who learn to contact the ball properly are said to be "feeling" or "feeling for" the ball. Players frequently strike the ball extremely strongly and with a thick contact, which is good for some strokes but requires a finer touch to produce spin and control in your game. To develop powerful topspin strokes and the lingering on the rubber necessary to produce efficient spin serves, one must be able to softly brush the ball. Slowing down your strokes, emphasizing a softer touch on the ball, and attempting to create the impression that the ball is spending more time on the bat are all excellent ways to enhance this area.

Transfer of Weight

You may be more comfortable with your arm and release tension from your shots and movement by having proper weight transfer and making good use of your body and legs. Many athletes focus too much on the energy coming from the arm, which causes shots to become stiff and forced. Try practicing utilizing more of your legs, rotating your body, and shifting your weight. So keep in mind that weight transfer plays a crucial part in enhancing your prospective shot quality and consistency. This makes shots more effective and also helps create considerably more power than utilizing the arm alone.

Table tennis coaching is all about Footwork

Although many players mistakenly believe that their bad shooting technique is to blame when they miss, this is frequently not the case. The shots usually fail because you failed to properly position yourself and your movement. To ensure that you are always prepared to perform the fast movements and adjustments required in table tennis, choose a low, compact stance with your weight front.

Maintain Timing

The way amateur players time their strokes differs significantly from top pros; frequently, amateur players shift their timing point too much, leading to uneven shots and a lack of rhythm. Most shots are best timed near the top of the bounce, giving you the most safety above the net when the ball reaches its highest position. Having the right way of table tennis coaching sets the difference.

Video Evaluation to understand

You'd be surprised at how much you can pick up by viewing yourself on camera, whether it's a match or a training session. In the heat of the moment, it's easy to overlook vital information. It's an excellent opportunity to identify any mistakes you may have been doing and learn from them, as well as to identify your skills and how to best utilize them the next time you play. This analysis is the best table tennis coaching than anyone else who can teach or train you.

Have a strategy

A game plan might help you play with some structure in your mind of what you hope to accomplish. It's crucial to play to your strengths and minimize your shortcomings as much as you can when you enter matches. Naturally, you will modify your strategy based on the player you would encounter, but it might be challenging to create a clear game plan if you are unsure of your strengths and best scoring methods. So be sure to give yourself enough time to figure out what playing style suits you and how to force your will on your opponents.

Playing table tennis is enjoying

You'll be more comfortable and receptive to new ideas and discover new methods to advance and enhance your game if you go into each session with a pleasant attitude and enjoy the learning. We all started playing table tennis because we like it, after all.

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