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Introducing NEW SPORTS @ Gamepoint 100Feet

 SPORT Slot Price Happy Hour Price Slot Duration

Cricket Simulator

(3 overs)

200/- 120/-

30 mins

(3 slots per 30 mins)

Table Tennis 300/- 150/- 60 mins
TT Robo Machine 300/- 150/- 30 mins

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Cricket Simulator:

1. All players should wear suitable sportswear. Shoes with spikes or any other sole that can damage the turf are not allowed.
2. Protective Cricket Gear while playing in the nets will be provided by Gamepoint. Any damage caused to the protective gear provided shall be a liability for the customer.
3. Only Gamepoint staff will operate the bowling machine and they will use specified balls. .
4. Gamepoint staff will decide the speed and other variations for a better customer experience.
5. Maximum speed of 100 kmph will be allowed only with protective gear. If a player wishes to play without protective gear, a maximum speed of 60 kmph is permitted.
6. Every 30 mins slot has 3 sub-slots (Slot1, Slot2 & Slot3), each consisting of 3 overs. For each sub-slot only one player is allowed, no sharing is permitted.
7. Players booked for a slot will be allowed to play on a First come, First serve basis.
8. Addons of 2 extra overs should be booked before the slot time ends.
9. All children below the age of 18 years need to be accompanied by an adult while using the net facility and must use the helmet and protective gear. The minimum age for using the bowling machine is 10 years.
10. Customers are responsible for their safety.

TT Robo Machine:

  1. A maximum of 2 players per court is permitted.
  2. Dress code: Sportswear like track pants/shorts/skirts with a T-shirt is mandatory.
  3. Footwear: Clean NON-MARKING GUM SOLE SHOES are mandatory.
  4. Players need to bring their own equipment. Equipment is also available for lease/sale at the sports shop.
  5. All players must arrive 10 minutes before their allocated time so that they can fully utilize court time.
  6. Robo machine should be handled with care and if needed ask Gamepoint staff for help in operating. All balls are to be handed over back at the end of the game.

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