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5 Basic Badminton Techniques that you MUST Know

Any player must master a few skills to master badminton. Some of the most crucial badminton techniques and tactics:

Forehand & Backhand Grips - Forehand and backhand grips are equally vital to understand since a good grip will keep players safe from injuries. Also, it saves players from placing too much strain on the wrist. Most significantly, this badminton technique lets players play better strokes. Making comfortable-but-firm grips is a straightforward process.

Forehand Grip: Holding the racket grip in a handshake; the thumb should be opposing the racket's handle, and the rest of the fingers should be wrapped around the racket.

The racket should be held with a light grip; it should be flexible enough to allow the wrist to rotate and twist easily. This grip will come in handy for all forehand strokes. This strategy may be used for both forehand and backhand grip.

Backhand Grip: Players must be able to quickly twist the racket in order to alter and employ different grips for backhand strokes. The backhand grip will assist players in performing the shot across the court.

Because the thumb is important in backhand strokes, it must be placed on the handle of the racket where the front racket frame begins. This grip might be effective for all strokes.

Footwork in Badminton - Footwork refers to moving about the court in various ways. It consists of jumping, lengthy footsteps, running, and abrupt transitions from one part of the playing field to the other.

Typically, the footwork begins in the middle of the court. It combines quick movements from one area of the court to the other in order to respond to the strokes of the opposing player. The faster a player moves, the better they will reply.

Fantastic footwork allows a player to reach and reply to practically all of your opponent's shots, giving you an advantage over him (opponent). If players have sluggish footwork, they may miss every shot from the opponent from a fair distance away from you.

If the opponent's shots go unanswered, it will most likely be losing the match. As a result, to play this game like a professional, a player must first master the fundamentals of footwork.

Long Foot Steps - Taking long steps will assist in reaching the shuttle, which is likely to plummet out of reach. To begin, place the right foot in front of the shuttle as it approaches from the opponent's side.

Second, take a tiny stride with the left foot by pouncing outward on the floor and lifting the right foot. Put the body weight on the left foot to take a big step and hit the shuttle.

Jumping Skills - Players must stand, lean forward, and estimate if the opponent will strike the shuttlecock in front of the net.

Players must be prepared to leap rapidly in order to employ the bounce method to smash the shuttle, which must travel through the opponent like a bullet and kiss the surface in no time.

Badminton Techniques in Single and Double game



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