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3 Influential Basketball Coaches to Follow on social media

In any game, players come and go. But the games they won are remembered. The same happens with the coaches. Most of the time, basketball coaches (taking about basketball coaching) frequently remain in their positions for a very long period. At least the effective coaches do. In actuality, successful basketball programs are led by outstanding coaches.

A mediocre head coach for a basketball team will occasionally be able to ride the success. But more often than not, it's strong coaching, not the other way around, that makes a team one of the finest in the country.

Luka Bassin

Former professional basketball player Luka Bassin is from the beautiful country of Slovenia. Luka had a long and outstanding career as a basketball coach and is currently employed with Cedevita Olimpija in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, as a Player Development Coach. He serves as an example for many players and contributed a fair amount to his team's victory in several games.

He is known to be one of the best players who is working with young prospects and assisting them in developing their game to a professional level. He has worked with several players at the Youth, National, and Senior levels who have gone on to play in the NBA. In order to do this, Luka has planned basketball camps around the Balkans and beyond. Luka is known to be one of the best Basketball Coaches known for training the game.

Video analysis is one of Luka's other areas of expertise. You may find really complex basketball films by browsing his Twitter account. BassketSTUDIO, owned by Luka, creates excellent basketball films.

For more fantastic basketball content, follow Luka on Twitter and YouTube. He has a very great and sizable following on social media.

Kostas Kalogeropoulos

Here is another experienced, one of the top certified basketball coaches with a colorful history.

Similar to Luka Bassin, Kostas Kalogeropoulos has more than 17 years of basketball coaching experience and is a champion of the youth game, having coached several youth teams and advanced numerous young players through the ranks.

Kostas is a member of the Greek Basketball Coaches Association and is presently employed at Olympiacos BC, a three-time champion in the Euroleague, as the head coach of the under-15 squad and assistant coach for the development and under-18 teams.

Coach Kostas definitely values clear, succinct communication, and the content he shares is full of sound advice for improving players, using situations from the NBA and Euroleague as examples.

His basketball coaching is helping aspiring players through social media. His pages are accessible on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Annanya Raghavan

Of course, social media isn't simply being used by the lads to create amazing stuff. Although Annanya Raghavan may not be as active on social media as our last two KlipArtists, her thorough basketball reports that she posts on LinkedIn and punctuates with KlipDrawn videos have definitely attracted our attention.

Another former player, Annanya, is presently employed by the NBA franchise Golden State Warriors of San Francisco as a statistician.

Annanya contributes often as the resident Pacific Division specialist to the Gen Z Hoops podcast. And talking about basketball coaching, the podcast reportedly influences a large number of people.

Visit Annanya's list of outstanding writings on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.

Although there are many good players in the NBA, talent alone won't carry a player very far. They need a solid squad and a great coach in order to win games and have a chance to win the NBA Championship. A great coach understands his players and puts in a good system through basketball coaching to help motivate his talented players to play to their potential. A great coach is also one of the keys to winning a championship.

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