• Participants need to arrive 10 mins before the start of the coaching session.
  • Only participants are allowed in their respective allotted courts. Relatives, Drivers, Maids, Gunman, Assistants etc. are strictly not allowed in the courts.
  • Parents can meet the coach by appointment or on a certain days announced by Gamepoint from time to time.
  • Coaching will be only on the days assigned. Missed classes will not be compensated.
  • Fee for the next term should be paid 15 days prior to the end of the term. In case of delay, the slot will be opened to new participants. The continuation in the programme will then be subject to availability.
  • In case of a break of 30 or more days due to travel (for adults), exams (for children), we extend the package by one month. This is possible only if Leave application is made at least one week in advance. Same will apply during sickness and Doctor’s certificate will need to be submitted. Such break will be provided Only once a year.
  • To apply for any leaves or adjustment classes kindly email to

Holidays Lists for Coaching Participants as follows:

Date Day Holiday
Jan 1st, 2019 Tuesday New Year
Jan 15th, 2019 Tuesday Sankranthi
Apr 6th, 2019 Saturday Ugadi
Jun 6th, 2019 Thursday Following Day by Ramzan
Sep 2nd, 2019 Monday Vinayaka Chavithi
Oct 8th, 2019 Tuesday Dussehra
Oct 27th, 2019 Sunday Diwali
Dec 25th, 2019 Tuesday Christmas

Recommended Sportswear and Equipment for Coaching

Sport Attire Equipment to be brought by Participant
Badminton Sportswear & Gum sole badminton shoes Badminton Rackets,Yoga Mat (Optional)
Squash Sportswear & Gum sole Squash shoes Squash Rackets
Table Tennis Sportswear TT Blade
Basketball Sportswear Yoga mat (optional)
Skating Skate costumes (tights as per coach’s advice) Skates,Protective gear,Yoga Mat (Optional)