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We empower organizations to unlock business potential and accelerate performance through the power of sport. We can bring corporate employees together as a tight-knit team. Corporate team outings help employees with the upkeep of their health and well-being. Corporate sports events can also influence engagement, team cohesion, culture, and productivity. From a business perspective, sports is known to have a huge impact in terms of employee well-being, team building, collaboration, and helps foster a sense of pride for the organization.

Netplay is proud to launch half/full day outings for corporates. Since we have started our center in 2017 we have had over 30 corporate companies who have organized multiple sports events. We take care of promotion, sports event management, venue, food, and other aspects to create high engagement and memorable experience.

Gamepoint Corporate Team Sports Offerings:
We have designed and delivered on a series of sporting challenges, group initiatives, and leadership exercises that are designed to challenge and stimulate both the mind and the body.

Sports Engagement activities:

✅ Badminton  ✅ Squash                  ✅ Table Tennis    ✅ Cricket
✅ Football       ✅ Beach Volleyball ✅ Basket Ball
✅ Tug of war   ✅ Hurdle races        ✅ Human Foosball

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Corporate Team Day Outing